Star village Steinegg

So close to heaven.

Steinegg and the community of Karneid are the first European star villages. The goal is to open the door to the universe for our visitors through the observatory, the solar observatory, the planet path, the path of the stars and the planetarium. Especially the planetarium inspires its visitors with its different lectures or films.


In the Ritterhof we have set up an information corner on the subject of stars and on the page you will find all the news about the stars. Following the weekly star menu, you will experience a panoramic view of our starry sky through our telescope.

The Star Village Weeks at Ritterhof



The Star Village Steinegg provides deep insights into the exciting world of astronomy. For this purpose, we are very happy to organize a visit to the planetarium, the observatory or guided tours on the planet path or the path of the stars for you. In the Ritterhof we will spoil you galactically with the star menu, the various cocktails and the telescope evening.

The price depends on the season. We will be very happy to make you an individual offer.



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